Momizou is a community imageboard for Japanese people, by Japanese people. We request that only Japanese citizens may participate.
There are people with all kinds of interests and tastes, so don't tell others what to do just because their opinions don't match your own (if they break the rules, please let them know).
Also, please do not post images that violate Japan's Public Order and Morals, the rules listed on this page, or the board rules.
Momizou will not be held liable for any loss or damages incurred to the poster through the submission of images.
All posters are considered to have read and agreed to the board rules, and are considered to have agreed to their IP being disclosed.
Only those who can abide by Momizou's rules will be permitted to view and post to Momizou.

Prohibited acts for all boards

Prohibited images for all boards

To administrators of other sites

Restrictions on adult images

In general, please refrain from posting adult images. Please contain them to the sexy boards, the TV board during adult time, the TV Ura board during adult time, and the source requests board.
You can post images captured from previous TV broadcasts.

Restrictions on images of Korean females

You are not allowed to post them on any boards, as it can cause disruption. Those posts will have their IP displayed in red upon discovery.

Restrictions on child pornography and "uigo" (U-15, girls under the age of 15)

Lolicons (pedophiles) are forbidden from entering, images of U-15 and younger girls will be removed, their IP will be displayed in red, and we will block their access to the site.
You are prohibited from attracting or advocating for lolicon friends, and you are prohibited from making statements that touch on child pornography.
❌ Images of the general public under 15
❌ Images of famous personalities under 15
❌ Sexual comments targeting under 15s
❌ Posts that promote child pornography
❌ Posts that attract or defend lolicons
✔ Images captured from TV broadcasts (however, images of swimming costumes or that may be interpreted as sexually explicit are prohibited)
✔ Famous child actors/performers who have appeared on TV (Hiiragi Main, Smileage, etc.)

* In cases where it would be difficult for our staff to judge whether an image is "uigo" or not, please specify how old the subject is. Gray areas will be subject to regulation.
- What is child pornography? [ Wikipedia Doujin Glossary Hatena ]

Regarding the TV board

The TV board differs from the other boards in a number of ways, such as the number of posts stored and the dimensions of images.
Only the TV board is allowed to have text-only threads, but it is forbidden to make consecutive text-only threads.


The administrator reserves the right to remove images, threads, and replies without notice.
The specifications are subject to change without notice, at the discretion of the administrator.
IDs and users who are judged to be malicious by the administrator will have their IP displayed in red, and will be banned.
The administrator will not be held responsible for any problems/damages that may occur on the boards.
Discussions regarding the running of the site is prohibited. If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the email form.
The administrator does not always respond/reply to email queries.
We will cooperate with the police and the courts in submitting information if they contact us.

Examples of bans

IP display (marked red)

The ban period usually varies, although we aim to keep it within about three days.

Access ban

There are two types of access ban:
  1. Being restricted from posting on the boards
  2. Being restricted from accessing the site

Our standards

Access will be restricted to those who post guro, uigo, child pornography, uncensored genitalia, filth (feces, etc.), disabled persons, Koreans/Korean female presenters, animal cruelty, and continuous trolling.
IP display bans may be handed out to those who post excessive flaming, slander, anti-Japanese remarks, cricisms or insults towards the Imperial family, threatening remarks, remarks promoting crime, animal abuse remarks, posting private information, mutiple copypasta posts, posting Koreans/Korean women, and criticisms of the site staff.

About the access ban period

It varies depending on the degree of the violation.
Permanent bans will be given to those who evade their bans and vandalize entire boards.

Permanent access bans

Those we have given permanent access bans to are prohibited from viewing or posting to the site.
Regardless of the legitimacy of their future posts, we will redact or delete them as soon as we find them.

We may publish the IPs of offenders.

Last update: 2017/11/04